Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Future Forward Celebrates 200,000 VIEWS!!!

I am so honored and PROUD to be apart of The Future Forward.
The past two years have gone so quickly and our family has grown.
I, Lil Mogul would like to personally thank all of The Future Forward readers for your support and giving us 200,000+ page views.

This is one of my favorite video's we created on October 15, 2009

Look Back... and Enjoy!
See you in The Future

Lil Mogul

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*.::My Love Is So Raw::.* said...

I am so proud of you all because black gay activism and voices are not as visible in the sea of conscious gay folks. I thank yall for having the courage to be yourselves and bring us quality news, insight, and fun. Please keep it up. The blog looks super professional and I love the logo. It is going to even bigger. I love it here.




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