Saturday, August 27, 2011

What Has Happened To The New Black Generation?

When you look back at what African Americans have been fighting for throughout the decades, you feel nothing but happiness. The bravery that each individual has shown cannot be matched. The fight for equal rights along with the acceptance of multiculturalism is quite remarkable. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Reverend Al Sharpton, and many more activists fought for our rights as US citizens.

You can look back at those times and still get the same reaction. You are amazed on how our culture came together. We didn't just want equal rights. We also wanted acceptance from others cultures.

Now here we are in the 21st century. The new generation of African American males and females are given the power to make a change in the world. To live the lives that the older generation have been for fighting for them to have. It's time for them to continue the legacy and show that we are everyday people just like any other person. Instead, the fighting resulted in something that was never expected.

Crime rates have gone out of control in certain cities. Every time you look at the television screen, you will be sad and disappointed seeing someone that has the color of skin either murdered, arrested, or incarcerated. Back then, men and women were taught to fight with their fists. Nowadays, it has resulted to guns and heavy items like crowbars. Most of it is because of unnecessary things.

Divorce rates are incredibly high. Back in 1966, more than 84% of children were raised in two parent households. Now it's fewer than 33%. Teenagers are not taking life seriously and are just fooling around, letting life go by. Some of these actions resulted in things like underage drinking and teenage pregnancies. The baddest thing is that there are certain parents who support these actions. Instead of trying to stop these things and telling their children that this is not the right way to run your life, they instead are defending them and contributing to their actions.

Another thing that is going on is something that is being called "Cultural Self-Injury". Instead of supporting those who look just like them, trying to make a change in the world, they are attacking them with negative comments and a visual lack of support. Most of it stems from fear. Fear of wanting to change their lives. They want to remain the way it is.

The final straw was when President Barack Obama was elected president. When the results came in, it was discovered that the lowest amount of people that voted for him were African Americans. According to some, they think blacks didn't vote for him because the president is quote "Not black enough."

Of course, there are people who are trying to make a change. There are some who were the first in their family to go to college. There are some who were the first to manage a stable job. Sadly, they are being overshadowed by the dark side of the African American community. It's as if all of those people that marched for our rights did it for nothing. People within the community feel so disappointed, they wished if they were born in another culture. Some have taken it to the maximum by bleaching their skin, so they could be inches away from not looking black at all.

Based on actions like this it makes you wonder. What has happened to the new black generation?


Anonymous said...

This is nothing but the truth.
There has to be a solution or a continuation of trying to find the solution. From my point of view BLACK PEOPLE are not creating enough. It isn't possible that the inventors inventing era is gone? Where are the scientist, the leaders, the inventors, the people who will sacrifice their life for the greater good of their people? Has that type of passion completely died?

My Soul Looks Back and Wonders, HOW WE GOT OVER! said...

You know the passion died when these young black folks started to look up to the wrong main influences in their lives like today's rappers. Yesteryear's rappers rapped about something especially politically and culturally. Thats almost impossible to find today and it be successful and widely accepted. It also started with the generation before them that had them, got lazy and half raised them. We dont talk about what is really going on at home. Not enough parents are instilling in their children the need for change and how it corresponds to today's issues. Most parents dont want to relive or think about how they had it socially or racially in this world and therefore, its not a conversation that is had.

I also blame this increase increase increase in open homophobia. I feel like every ears in recent years, negroes keep finding little idiotic things to trifle with. All of these things we find to bitch about are only distractions from the real issues we face. Today if you are socially and politically conscious you are accused of being too black and this generation is freely and openly accepting white being fed to them on a platter so they dont want to hear someone opening their eyes up to this so called POST RACIAL SOCIETY. Instead today's crop wants to be more focused on they can smoothly fit in to the white agenda. I have nothing against whites or anything like that, but the fact remains their agenda is the largest and the most heard and sadly ours are desperately trying to fit in it, when really there is and was no place for them to be something they aren't in the first place.

I also feel like the so called AFRIKAN centered individuals in the last 20-30 years have been viciously homophobic and only set out to create even more friction and division among our people. We are constantly trying to separate and I honestly think its a plot to keep us apart. Everyone knows there is strength in numbers and this country is ours too and our ancestors built it on their backs and they did not endure it just so we could spread far apart and have no strength all. United should be the only way we stand. All for one and one for all in reason. It is sad that anyone that is preaching the acceptance and love of all of our race is the one that is attacked and the one that preaches the separation and alienation of certain individual groups within the black community gain the most radical following.

Do I think the climate for racial and oppressive tension is getting worse? YOU BET YOUR ASS! a lot of these bigots are getting worse and more bold until they feel they can oppress in a big way all over again. then....we may be too late! THE TIME IS NOW! GET UP! GET OUT THERE! GRAB YOUR NEAREST BROTHER OR SISTER AND SHARE! YOUVE GOT TO SHARE WITH BLACK FOLK WHO ARENT OF KIN! LET THE KNOWLEDGE FLOW! DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND STRONGER THAN THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN!!!

Honestly, sometimes I am so sad be cause I feel as if I'm all alone in realizing the world is closing in on us. Im not a black supremacist because thats not productive or constructive. Neither is a supremacist of any other race. Yet still, I feel like it's falling on deaf ears and it wont be long before then everyone will be crying out for the leader they should have been embracing and building with strength and knowledge right now!!!

sorry my comment was so long and full of all types of errors. this topic really burns my motor!

Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Wow! This post caused a great stir. Sadly, we don't have a big enough platform to express these things AND TAKE ACTION. I believe this is where we fail. We have lots to say but no real means for action.

Pop culture has taken over and I don't know that we can get our youth to listen to anything else.

Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

I believe the NEW Black Generation has to continue THE DREAM. The fight is not over. We were told... We're movin on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. We finally got a piece of the pie. Well, I am here to tell you THE PIE IS GONE!!! The NEW Black Generation if to survive is gonna have to bake a cake or MUST make some ambrosia.

We have to CREATE our World,
create our dreams, create our plan, create our success, create our destiny and LIVE OUR-LIVES to the Fullest.

Live the reality and stop watching it. If you can think it UP... well you can pull it DOWN. Your platform is here and big enough, USE IT!!! I believe it's true because you are reading this now.

Lil Mogul




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