Monday, August 8, 2011

The Recycled Date App

Have you ever wondered how many people that you have dated or maybe even slept with have messed around with someone you know? With today’s technology it is a lot easier to track it; recently I have discovered cellular applications that you can download to your phone to find out how many people are in your area for dates. With these new applications it is like having BGC or A4A on the go and it updates itself as you commute. I personally signed up for entertainment and it is very interesting how many people live in my area that are members. With that being said the question rises “How many dates are being recycled?” When you think about the applications from that perspective you can make a hypothesis and assume that the date you probably met has met 3-4 of your neighbors within the past week and honestly you are recycled.

More questions raise in my mind from how many people are actually building authentic friendships or relationships, how much sex is happening and if they are using protection, and how many people still feel rejected when they don’t get hit up. With these applications we are also taking advantage of being shy, because you do not have to actually physically communicate with the person. Many of my close friends and now my RANDYS (Reasons Arkansas Never Did Yield(MY) Success) know that I have been practicing celibacy for a while now and it has caused me to wonder why we put so much emphasis on sex and also do we care how people view us sexually? My answer is I have always been concerned with how I perceive myself sexually; I could care less what others think I just want to make sure I make decisions that are best for me. With choices we make in life we should always practice making choices that make us happy and also understand with each choice that there is always a consequence that might be positive or negative.

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