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Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Tim'm West's FLY BROTHA!"

A few weeks ago, I featured my brotha Tim'm and his latest video "A Real Man," which is from his new CD Fly Brotha. Today, I'm doing a special re-Release in efforts of spreading the word through our burgeoning social network about my dear friend who is not only making great music, but great change for our social climate in the USofA.

I invite you to share a minutue or more with brotha Tim'm West.

For Immediate Release

Tim’m West releases highly-anticipated 4th Solo Project Fly Brotha

Independence Day 2011

On July 4th 2011, the iconic, critically acclaimed, Hip-Hop artist Tim’m West released his groundbreaking, fourth solo project, Fly Brotha.

Provocative, moving, vulnerable, witty, and fun Fly Brotha is a celebration of courage needed to confront institutional barriers to personal freedom; an insistence on justice and peace in our community and world. With songs like "Good Day" that imagines a media that celebrated "good news", or "Bully" which examines the travesty of child neglect of both bullies and the bullied, Tim’m continues his legacy of telling brave truths in a Hip-Hop context which is often lacking

Social Justice messaging. There is also Tim’m’s intentional ownership as the nurturing, paternal "papa bear" of a host of emcees, straight and gay, who are collectively looking to challenge heteronormativity in Hip Hop culture, as evidenced in the Dirtybird produced intro track "The Lesson". Tim’m bravely challenges notions of street cred with tracks like Brohemian rapCD and Bro-Homo as well as with soulful Hip Hop love-ballads like Again and Carried Away.

The 14 track LP is accented by music videos 3 music videos including “Acrobatics” feat. DDm (directed by Truitt O’Neal), “Fly Brotha” (directed by David E.F.P of 2osos Productions), and “A Real Man” feat. Quentin Adams (who also directed the video). Catering to our visual culture, these music videos are elevating Tim’m’s popularity across the sexuality divide—a presence well-prepared for by Tim’m’s respective features in Hip Hop and Spoken Word documentaries: Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes by Byron Hurt, Pick Up the Mic: the rEvolution of Homo- Hop by Alex Hinton, Graffiti Verite’ 7 by Bob Bryan, and the more recent Mario Van Peebles’ directed Bring Your ‘A’ Game which featured other Hip Hop artists such as Ice Cube, Diddy, and Lupe Fiasco.

Fly Brotha is the follow up to three previously released solo projects that include Songs from Red Dirt (2004, Cellular Records), Blakkboy Blue(s), and the 2009 release In Security: The Golden Error. Since its’ release, fans excited about the project have described Fly Brotha as Tim’m West’s best work yet.

As a seasoned lyricist, emcee, and founding member of the now defunct queer Hip-Hop group Deep Dickollective, Tim’m West hopes that Fly Brotha will help break down Hip-Hop’s closet door at a time when LGBTQ issues are at the forefront of defining what it means to be “free” and “equal” in America.


Fly Brotha is available at Tim’m’s website, as well as CDbaby, iTunes,,, and various other internet music outlets.

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