Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are Third Wheels Allowed To Hang Out With The Lovers?

When you're in a relationship and the hang outs have been stunning, you always think about what's it going to be like when the two of you go out with each other again. All of a sudden, things are beginning to change. A third person has been added to the mix. You are being introduced to this person who begins hanging out with you two more often.

The two of you have been going out for weeks now. You want all of those times to be romantic, but it's hard for you to do when you look over and see this other person following your every move. Then every time you try to tell your mate that it's starting to get awkward, he/she always answer with the same sentence "That is my friend."

Later on, secrets begin to come out. Almost everything you predicted turn out to be true. This person is not only a friend, but turns out to be a secret lover. A secret lover that your mate has sex with on the side or sometimes wants you to get involved with in threesomes.

You always knew that there was something weird about this other person, but you didn't know that things were going on the way you predicted. Now only question is going on in your head. Did the third person knew about it and was playing along?

It's a habit that I've seen going around with many relationships. You meet someone. You go on wonderful dates. All of a sudden, there is a third person hanging out with you two everywhere you go. Then everything that you are doing with your mate has the other person involved in it, especially sex. Later on, the secrets are revealed.

Knowing that this is going on in relationships, I can't help but wonder. Are third wheels allowed to hang out with the lovers?

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