Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR - What do you think?

"Glee" meets "Paris Is Burning" in this groundbreaking film directed by Sheldon Larry ("Noah's Arc") and written by Glenn Gaylord ("Eating Out: All You Can Eat"). Jaw-dropping dance numbers are courtesy of Beyonce's choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. When Brad's mother kicks him out, he steals her car and heads to L.A. in search of shelter. There he meets Queen Latina and her House of Eminence. Brad falls for the fierce ball scene "and a cute new boy" but can he ever really escape his past?


Cornelius Jones Jr. said...

I so want to be in NYC to see this. Where else in the festival market is it playing?

uptownbill said...

The new movie musical "Leave It On The Floor" does for the world of Ball competitions & gay houses what Birth of a Nation did for the Emancipation Proclamation. Both films written, directed & produced by white men seek to portray one dimensional, dysfunctional, shiftless, self destructive African Americans. The men in Leave it on the floor are gay ball dancers in the House of Eminence who are so self loathing they actually except abusive, destructive relationships and sing about those conditions as "Black Love". Leave it on the Floor is a gay black exploitation film. The subject matter as well as the performers are exploited for the benefit or the writer, director and producers. It is highly offensive to African- Americans and Gay African American males specifically. The actors did the best they could with an uninspired script and weak amateurish song writing. Poorly written, filmed, edited & directed.




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