Saturday, April 30, 2011

When Was The Last Time You Finished Your Own Project?

I have been working hard on this own project of mine that I am so happy to have done. I'm happy because of so many things relating to this project. Probably the most important thing is that it's the first time in a very long time that I have managed to finished something on my own. Not because I was given a deadline. Not because I was forced to finish this in only few days.

I have finished something on my own.

When you read that one sentence, you begin to realize that a large amount of people (maybe even yourself) have gone through this struggle before. You spend days, weeks, months, or possibly years on this one project that you have felt excited about on the very first day you thought about it. Then you start going through the process. It's the first couple of days that feels like a pain in the butt. At times, you start to regret what you was feeling when you first started this.

Then as time go by, you begin to wonder if it's time to put this project to an end or continue going through the process until you successfully finish it. Once I was done with this particular project of mine, I began to realize that I'm not the only person who was going through that difficult.

The project can be many anything. When was the last time you finished reading a book on your own without having to stop halfway through the novel? When was the last time you went to the gym and took those two hours in there that you promised yourself? When was the last time you finished cooking that recipe in that book that you've always wanted to try? You can do things on a deadline or when you are asked to do it, but when was the last time that you've finished something all on your own?

It's that one question that you just can't shake off. There came a point in everyone's life when you chose not to clock ourselves the way we used to. The only thing related to a clock that we focused on is doing everything we can before the sun comes down. The brain turns out can be an ultimate frenemy. One minute, you are thinking about getting closer to finishing our own project. Then you are distracted once a clip of your favorite tv show pops up in you brain.

And yet, through all of those difficult challenges, 50% of us finally manages to put an end to whatever we've been working on. Once everything is done, you begin to ask ourselves that question all over again.

When it comes to life, when was the last time we've finished our own projects?

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