Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NO HOMO - Homophobic Backlash After Toronto Raptors' Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans Hold Hands

Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans hold hands.. so!

By Rod2.0

The Toronto Raptors snapped a six-game losing streak with a 102-98 win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday. Guard Leandro Barbosa had some 14 points ... should be reason to celebrate, right?

In a light-hearted moment, Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans enroute to the locker room. The innoucous image has caused a "no homo" gay panic backlash across the 'net.

Hundreds of gay-baiting comments were left on YouTube and othersites. YouTube commenting is now disabled but OutSportscaptured some of the flavor: "How romantic…ha, faggs." "Reggie Evans is GAY" "Not only does [head coach] jay triano have to deal with barnani and calderon but these fags has well! its a miracle they even won 21 games!"

The backlash against the ballers is reminiscent of the January 2008 University of Louisville incident. The image of two Louisvile players embracing produced hundreds of gay panic comments.

Sad. The intense homophobic culture surrounding American sports is exactly why few athletes are willing to come out.

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