Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Read more: Jennifer Hudson says "I do" to Target when Lady Gaga wouldn't

by Ed Stych

Pop star Lady Gaga may not want to form an exclusive arrangement with Target Corp., but other music stars aren't following her lead.

Target announced Monday that Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson had signed an exclusive deal with the Minneapolis-based retailer for a deluxe edition of her new album, "I Remember Me."

The deluxe edition, which includes four additional songs and bonus video material, will only be available at Target starting Tuesday, the company said in a news release.

It was widely reported earlier this month that Lady Gaga had ended her deal with Target for exclusively selling a deluxe version of her new album, "Born This Way." Lady Gaga said Target wasn't doing enough to help gay and lesbian causes.

Target was still offering customers the opportunity to pre-order the deluxe version on its website on Monday. But so were other retailers, such as Amazon.com. The album will be available May 23.

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