Monday, March 28, 2011

Concert: Janet Jackson, Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour

By J9 of J9's MusicLife

On March 24, 2011, I went with my girls Kelz, Pico, and Brwners to see Janet Jackson for the first time at her sold out concert at DAR Constitutional Hall in Washington, DC.  This concert was extra special because Janet was on my concert bucket list. . . CHECK!

I've been to DAR thousands of times so when the usher escorted us towards the front of the stage to our seats, we all were confused.  I just knew this lady didn't know her alphabet.  Janet wasn't playing when she called this tour intimate.  She built her stage to come out further making the first row start not at A but row I. . . making our row the 5th!!!!  For 5 mins, I sat in my seat speechless with tears forming in my eyes.  I was in shock that I was moments away from seeing the legendary Janet Jackson this close.

Around 8:00 pm, Janet's opening act, Mindless Behavior came out.  This young boy group reminded me of a B2K or Immature with Omarion, Lil Fizz, and Marques Houston look-a-likes.  I thought it was random to have them open for her but they were cute singing their songs #1 Girl, Ms. Right, Future, and their debut song My Girl.

9:00 pm the lights went off and it was Janet. . Ms. Jackson if ya nasty time!!!  For each city on the tour, she dedicated one of her #1s.  On the jumbo screen with an image of Janet, it said "Tonight, I dedicate the "I Get Lonely" video to the beautiful people of Washington, DC."  The crowd went crazy and the video began to play.  A little bit after it ends. . . Janet appeared on stage to Pleasure Principle.

I couldn't believe I was actually seeing her live!!  At 44, she looked great sporting a skin tight, black, leather bodysuit with mesh accents along with Christian Louboutin leather boats . . .FIERCE!!!

People who have seen her before said this time she even though her performance was great, she wasn't hitting the moves as hard as she did years ago.  But you know what, it didn't matter to me because she still did her thing.  She executed the choreo with so much easy and grace. 

I forgot that Janet's been performing for over 25 years and how many number one hits she has. This time she didn't do her normal routine of pulling a guy on stage or have an elaborate stage.  Instead, her set was very minimal and she was supported by a 5-piece band, 3 backup singers and 6 dancers (one being famous choreographer Gil Duldulao).

Her almost 2 hour performance was broken up by a short intermission where old clips of her from Good Times, Different Strokes, Poetic Justice, The Klumps, and Why I Got Married played.  This sequed to her sitting on a stool singing Nothing.

Janet had 4 costume changes.  Her second outfit was a causal look where Kelz turned to me and said "yo, who wears a collared black wife beater?"  Janet, that's who!  During her last song, Together Again, pictures of her and Michael appeared on the big screen. . . it was a sweet and touching moment.  There were definitely times when she reminded me of MJ with the same mannerisms.

To read more and check out video footage, click here.




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