Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can Tops and Bottoms Truly Be Friends?

Here in the 21st century of our world, everyone has chosen to be versatile. A large percentage of the LGBT community doesn't talk about their sexual positions. They don't talk about because they are comfortable doing both positions. But for some people, they don't want to tell people if they are a top or a bottom. It is all a secret until they get down in the bedroom and reveal who they really are.

As I get older and meet more new and interesting people, I couldn't help but notice something that has been secretly going on lately. On one end, there are a group of tops. Then on the other end, there are a group of bottoms. It was like a clique that was secretly created. They are not even worrying about being friends with the other positions. The last time they attempted to become friends they couldn't avoid the sexual chemistry and ended becoming a two night stand night on the same night.

Looking at that reminded of the movie When Harry Met Sally. Through Harry's perspective, men and women can't be friends without thinking about having sex first. But yet, he was friends with Sally, a woman throughout the entire movie. Of course, they ended up having sex with each other, but it mostly happened because the other one was feeling comfort for the other person. The majority of us accepted that incident because we all knew that Harry and Sally were meant to be together.

That incident was kind of a reflection of that movie. Just add a little LGBT sexual chemistry and you have the movie right there in front of you. When it comes to two men being together, they can't help but go forward with the special feeling they have lying dormant within them. They don't know the reason on how it was being triggered. Either they are incredibly horny or it's a feeling they have to go for because they never felt that way before. But is there ever a time when the tension can cool down and it will remain as a cool friendship?

When it comes to sex and life can tops and bottoms truly be friends?

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