Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is It Time For The Friendship To End?

I have probably asked this question alot more than any of the other questions that has ever crossed my mind. Throughout my life, I have been the best friend to many different people. I have always been that person to go to for whatever. It was very strange to me, considering the fact that I was an outcast back in high school.

If you define the word "outcast" it means a person that is the complete outsider. The person that no one wants to talk to. People have told me in my ear that they never wanted to be my friend and I was still voted "Friendliest Male" during my senior year. They even gave me a metal for it during the awards ceremony.

But before and after graduation, I removed a large amount of people from my life. They began to show their true colors and I had enough of their lies. They showed they didn't care about me, using me, abusing my respect, taking advantage of my trust, everything you picture, they did it all. Of course I was devastated by everything. I began to lose my trust in everyone that has been a part of my life. This is not just from friends, but other people related to me.

After everything ended with my fake friends I noticed that everyone was out of my life. I was alone with no one to talk to. It took some time to get used to being alone, but it was a good thing. I learned to stop being dependent on my friends and stand on my own too feet.

When it comes to life we encounter one or more people that becomes our friends. We begin to hang out more often and reveal to each other some of our personal stress and secrets. As the days, weeks, months, or evenyears gone by the interaction between you and your friends begin to change. It changes for the better or it changes for the worst. If it starts to change for the worse you're in for a crazy adventure involving arguments, backstabbing, and possibly addiction.

At the end of the day, the one question you try to avoid pops up in your mind. Is is time for the friendship to come to a indefinite end?

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No! That answer is clearly NO! why? because as young people we tend to be very near sighted in our nature because we have no perception of time. That means that we are quick to think it is the end of things because we have not lived enough years to know that things and people come and go. We also have not lived long enough to know that things rebuild and revitalize. Some of us are lucky to have things rebuilt and stay with us life long, but a lot of us experience the going and coming of people all life long constantly teaching us new lessons.

It just may not be time for you yet seeing as you are have so much life ahead of never know at what point you are supposed to and or are going to meet your truest friend. You may only get one,but youve got to be open to the experience. We tend to clam up without realizing we have so many more years to find and acquire certain things. Everything is not instant or constant.




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