Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friendship or True Love? Which One Is More Important?

There is a new romantic comedy film coming out entitled "Something Borrowed." It's based on the bestselling novel by Emily Giffin. The trailer was just released not too long ago. I have been replaying the trailer for so long right now, it inspired me to write this post and friendships and relationships.

This novel tells the story of two friends named Rachel and Darcey. They have been friends since childhood, but they are both different in many ways. Rachel has been the good girl and best friend of Darcey since childhood. She does anything for Darcey, but has been her shadow for quite some time now.

When it comes to Darcey, she has been the person in center staged almost her whole life. Between the two of them, Darcey always gets what she wants and Rachel just goes with the flow.

Rachel turns thirty and ends up completely drunk. It results in Rachel sleeping with Darcey's fiance, Dexter, who Rachel had a crush on back when they were in law school. The fling turns into an affair, and Rachel has to choose which one is more important to her, friendship or true love.

The entire description of the story made me run out and get this novel. Not only because it's a romantic comedy story, but it's number one theme is friendship. Most people don't realize that friends go through alot more than what couples go through. I hope this novel and the movie will make people want to write more stories about friendships.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we each have to choose between friendship and love. Our friends are people that we treasure most dearly. Your friends have known you for years. They know you inside and out the same way you do when it comes to them. Then love comes into your life and it starts raising alot of questions. Will this relationship change the dynamic of your relationship with your friends.

Will you find a way to balance everything together and still maintain a successful friendship while having a wonderful relationship? Or will you up having to choose which one is more important to you.

When it comes to friendships, which one is more important. Friendship or True Love?

Below is the trailer for "Something Borrowed." The movie comes out May 6.

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J9 said...

Great post! You bring up some great points. Friendships are as complicated and require as much work as marriages and/or relationships. And sometimes when friends get into romantic relationships with others this can sometimes change their friendships with people and cause problems and/or require adjustments. Might have to see this movie!




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