Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: Ashford & Simpson Presents - Terry Lavell "Born This Way"

Ashford & Simpson Presents
Terry Lavell
"Born This Way"

Lady Gaga's release of "Born This Way" has sparked international attention and we in the LGBT community are thankful for our ally; our friend. However, I would like to introduce you to Asford & Simpson's version, which features Broadway performer Terry Lavell, currently starring as Mercedes in Broadway's La Cage Aux Folles. We have a new Gay Anthem on the rise...

"Born This Way" because "I am what I am..." My new Anthem..this is the Torch Song! Loving the vocals, loving the lyrics...bringing back that disco feel with a contemporary twist. This song is evoking the memories, the struggles, and the joys of our LGBT ancestors, and the journey we continue to brave today. THANK YOU Ashford & Simpson and THANK YOU Terry Lavell!

with Cornelius Jones Jr.
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