Monday, January 31, 2011

Why is my eye twitching?

There are so many superstitions that I was raised on and the one that stands out in my mind now would have to be why and the hell my eye is twitching. My grandmother always told me that when your eye twitches someone is going to upset you and trust me when mine twitches everyone should clear their path.

Not all superstitions or myths are negative; some actually bring luck or money. It is said that if your right hand itches that you will receive money or if your left hand itches you can expect a letter. I don’t believe in all superstitions; however I do feel that many of them hold value and truth. Let’s just say my eye didn’t twitch today for fun, I am a little pissed… LOL. Don’t you just love old wise tales… LOL
Here are a list of some of the superstitions I was raised on:
-If your foot is swept by a broom? Going to Jail
-If you split a pole? Bad Luck
-If someone steps on the back of your foot? Bad Luck
-If your foot itches? You will be visiting strange land
-If your ears ring? Someone is talking about you
Share some of the ones you may have heard

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