Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Me

Recently I took my very first trip to Santo Domingo and I had such an amazing time, I decided that with all the stress that life has offered many of us in 2010 that I wanted to do something for me in 2011. I wanted to go somewhere where I was not known and I could just relax and it was the most relaxing experience that I have had in a very long time. While I was there my companion had lots of drama to happen to him that I will not go into extreme details on; however his negativity became weight on the entire trip. People if you are going through something you have to remember to look on the bright side and if someone is telling you to keep positive, look on the bright side, or that everything will turn out okay; then you need to do just that and stop complaining to the world. One motto I have is that if you cannot change it, don’t worry about it. This is so important because we get so upset over things that we CANNOT change.

Readers I also want to stress the value of friendships, many times we react to the world as if the world owes us something. My father use to say this to me and I was very upset because I didn’t know I viewed life like that; however I did. I thought the world was suppose to be kind to me and that is true; however try to be kind to the world and it will be kind back. In the midst of every situation we can always find positivity and learn from the experience.

Here recently I have been tired of playing the good guy in business, relationships, and friendships. Many times people look at you and they just think that they can run you over and you will not do anything to stand up for yourself and I am really tired of it. It is not your responsibility to stand there and let others misuse you or take advantage of you. I challenge you to stand up for yourself and do what is best for you sometimes.

From this trip I learned that it is a new dawn, a new day, and a new Dwight! For now own watch your step, because you will get the pure truth and honesty from me, I am not going to be the individual that simples smiles and grins. Sometimes you have to be selfish and really love and choose yourself first. Going forward when someone has drama I will just point them to this entry, because I will not waste another second in life trying to lead the world’s horses to water to drink.

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Roque Caston said...

It's alright showing off that side of you. Just don't lose yourself. Inside, you're going to be that kind person to get along with. That's what happens you have a big heart. I love you pal.

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