Thursday, January 27, 2011

MusicLife Interview w/ Music Producer Focus...

“Sound without focus, is just noise”

By J9 of J9's MusicLife

A New York native based in Atlanta, Focus... is the namesake of Bernard Edwards Sr., co-founder of the 70s/R&B group Chic (known for their famous disco song Le Freak).  He's father was the one who introduced him to the production side of music at a young age.  Most recently, he was the former producer on Dre. Dre’s label, Aftermath.

If you don't know Focus… by name, you might be more familiar with the songs he's produced for Busta Rhymes (Respect My Conglomerate), The Game (Where I’m From), Beyonce (Yes), and Christina Aguilera (Sex for Breakfast) to name a few.  If that doesn't jog your memory, those who watch Real Housewives of Atlanta may have caught his cameo in an episode where Kim worked with him, Kandi, and other producers for her single The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing.  With all this under his belt, Focus... continues to find ways to take his production to the next level, refusing to let people put him in a box.

I had the opportunity to pick his brain about music and it was like I had stepped into a music 101 class.  Focus... had no problem keeping it 100 with me.  He provided some great musical insight and perspective.  We talked about how he got into the business, his relationship with Dre, the state of music today, and of course how in the world he got involved with Housewives of Atlanta.

Listen to the interview below (may load slow):

Thank you Focus... for such a great interview and for your continued support in what I do.  Much respect to you and the music you create!

To learn more about Focus... and his entertainment company, visit his website.  You can also follow him on Twitter @aFamFocus

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