Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius - new video “Far Away”

Marsha sends a strong message about sexuality, suicide and bullying in her new videoFar Away.

The video begins with Marsha beautifully sitting atop a piano, playing a particular note in red stilettos. Then Miss Ambrosius and who appears to be her boyfriend are walking through the park. He then comes to her house, and they share a glass of wine. Then, his boyfriend arrives! Blew my mind too!

Days later, the two gentlemen took a stroll through the park, hand in hand, and pass a group of “thugs.” Days pass, and the guy we assumed was Marsha’s boyfriend went through the park alone, and the thugs jumped him. Apparently, the bullying and rejection got to the guy, because he committed suicide by the end of the video.

Continue reading to view the message Marsha personally writes to the viewers and watch the powerful video!

Dear Friends,

Every year over 1 million people commit SUICIDE. Some were BULLIED because of their SEXUALITY. I lost a friend to SUICIDE, and I’m asking all of you to support alternative lifestyles.

Don’t put up with or join in with BULLYING. It’s time we became more aware in this WORLD. Take responsibility to make a difference. So if my MUSIC can save one life, I’ve done my job.

I love you all so much!



J9 said...
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J9 said...

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! It says something about an artist who uses the power of their music and status to shed light on a serious topic. Eric Roberson did the same thing in his "Still" video. Others should take note. Much respect for Marsha!!!




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