Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Watching Pornography Considered Cheating?

One day, I decided to help out a friend of mine that is the executive director of a community center he runs. I never turn down helping a friend, especially when it's someone I've met since I was five years old. I was in charge of checking kids in and out at the front desk. That alone was my sugar rush.

Suddenly, another friend of mine happened to walk by. He is an exterminator that checks the place out once a month. This was my first time seeing him in months. Let's call him Henry.

After getting extremely excited over seeing each other, we decided to talk about what we were going through. I talked to him about my upcoming projects, which was a very long list at the time of the conversation. He ended up talking about his love life. I don't understand how I am to get that out of people. I never intended on being the person that anyone can talk to. I just happen to end in that position there because I am easy person to talk to, and I am a braniac with a capital B.

I told him these numerous stories that ended up in numerous questions. What I mean by that is every time we finished a sentence, it always ended up asking ourselves a question regarding our everyday lives. Because of my background work as a self-help guru, Henry couldn't help but to ask me something that he needed advice on.

"Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Go right ahead," I responded.

"If you are watching porn, are you cheating on your spouse?"

All of sudden, everything just froze. It was like my clock of life was completely frozen. My mind was revolving around that entire question. Once everything didn't look frozen anymore I started giving him numerous different answers, so that I could avoid questioning myself at that moment.

Later that day, the question kept on popping in my mind. We are now at a point in our lives where everyone has porn in their house. Even though there are still some debates about the billion dollar industry, it is admittingly part of our everyday lives. There are some couples that play the tapes in order to give them an extra rush while there are some couples that considers it very offensive to have it on during their own sexual activities. But is there a time when you press play and starts watching yourself, you are mentally picturing yourself having sex with someone else and not with your significant other?

When it comes to relationships is watching pornography considered cheating?



No....Its not cheating. It can be offensive though. Especially if you feel some type of the way about the love your sweet loving daddy is giving you. If something aint right, then you must address it...but not address it with porn and brush it off cause then that person will wonder why you need to watch porn if they are there.

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