Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!! -- Dare to DREAM

By Maurice Jamal

Today is set aside as a holiday of remembrance for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his tireless work for equality, civil rights and justice. As national and world events occur, one might take a moment and wonder about the current condition of peace, freedom and liberty.

Often when people speak of Dr. King, they discuss "the dream". Not only his landmark speech on civil rights, but the essence and content of his dream. I was reminded today that dreams are limitless. There are no boundaries, hurdles, fears or obstacles that can stand in our way. And dreams are not a child's folly. They are the power of the human spirit reminding us that we can rise above the obvious and move towards the great. Dreams make the impossible, possible.

The work each of us does everyday is part of this dream. It moves us towards a world where equality, acceptance, peace and justice are the norms and not the exceptions. Where regardless of background and sexual orientation, people are not only free to love, live and pursue their liberty, they are encouraged and supported to do so.

This year brought both highs and lows for our community; from the victory of DADT to youth suicides that shook us to our core. And each of you has made a fundamental difference for good in this march towards equity.

A dream is more than an idea, it is permission. It allows someone the ability to craft a world that has everything they could want and desire. It emboldens them to say not only "I can" but "I will" and most importantly "I am".

When we struggle, fight and are working to survive, remember that there are men, women and young people across this country who look at the work you do. They see YOU as evidence that their dream has merit. Your talent, work, dedication and perseverance make a difference. Everyday.

GLO TV may appear to be a digital television network. But it is so much more than that.

It is the dreams of people in small towns, church congregations, school campuses and homes across this nation, who often need a voice to speak for them, an ear to hear them, arms to embrace them, and a heart to welcome them.

It is the reality of what their world can be.

The road ahead is one that we will all walk down together. It is not always easy nor the path always cleared. But it is a road we walk down triumphantly, knowing that every step we take, gives our community permission for them to be bold enough, to dare to dream "I AM".

BE your dream!

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