Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drunk Sexuality

One night, I went to the club in order to release. This is the first time in two months that I ever went out. However, this night became a night that I won't forget.

I arrived at a karaoke club and had an amazing time. I still go to that karaoke club and every time they go there, they are shocked that I know more rock music than the average African American male. The moment Aerosmith and Pink came on, I gave everyone a run for their money with my knowledge of rock music.

Then once I finished playing the music, the real party was happening off stage. Women were trying to get all over me. They attempted to take off my shirt, bump and grind around my privates, smooch, take me to the backroom. It was like I was wearing some type of cologne that made me a love magnet.

It turns out I wasn't wearing cologne. Gay men, women, and their husbands were drunk out of their brains, and they wanted to get a piece of the action from the rock star that was on stage. Surprisingly, I didn't run out of the building with my pants down my ankles. I stayed there and had myself a good time. I was partying like a rock star for one night.

However, it surprised me how mostly the women were having fun. They jumped on the stage and they were playing around with each other like they were really lesbians. The husbands were turned on immediately. They look at them and then looked at me. I don't know what they were on for me to be the target of one of their sexual urges.

I am used to things like this. I have older friends. I don't have friends around my age anymore. My oldest friend is in his fifties and my youngest friend is twenty six. So I'm used to things like this. It just shocks me when it happens.

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