Thursday, June 14, 2012

Does Anyone Get Over High School?

I am currently reading a novel entitled "Best Friends Forever" by Jennifer Weiner. It took only the summary of the novel for me to get interested in this story. I can relate to this thing easily.

In this novel, it talk about the lives of two girls who has been best friends since they were nine years old. Then come to their teenage years. Betrayal kicks in. In the midst of it all, one of them became the outcast while the other one is swept away into the popular crowd. So in this novel, you get to see what was the became the end of their friendship, and how they each changed fifteen years later, around the time of their high school reunion.

The second I started reading it got me thinking about everyday life. We can be the most successful people in the world. We can have billions of dollars with millions of people adoring us because of our creativity. But in the core of it all, we will never forget that we used to be the outcast. No one cared about us at the time. No one didn't care about our creativity.

Then once you become successful those same people that once rejected you from high school are now spending over $300 of their money just to spend some time with you in the VIP section. It's like they never knew they used to pick on you. They have smiles on their face, spending time with you because they either like you as a person, or like you because you are rich.

Once you walk out of that high school door for the last time, you are more excited than you have ever been. However, you will never forget what the school has done to you. It's like high school left you an invisible scar on your back and you will never get it off.

When it comes to life does anyone get over high school?

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I say it depends because sometimes we look back and things we thought were horrid then that happened to us really werent that bad in hindsight. I think we do get over high school. Those of us that realize that sometimes we are UP and sometimes we are DOWN. Everyone experiences up and down at different points in life.




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