Thursday, December 9, 2010

'The Wages of Sin is Death' in Uganda - Kill the Black Gays

By Laura Conaway

Tonight's show features an epic interview with David Bahati, the Ugandan Parliament member who has spent the past year pushing a bill that classifies homosexuality as a capital offense. Mr. Bahati tells us he's now ready to drop the execution part of the kill-the-gays bill, but that doesn't mean he's changed his mind.

A preview:

Maddow: In your view, Gods' law is that homosexuality is a sin. In your view, does God's law prescribe an appropriate punishment for that sin?

Bahati: God's law is always clear, that the wages of sin is death. Whether that is implemented through legislation like mine or by the mechanism of a human being, whatever happens is the end result, that we need to turn to God if we have sinned.

It's all a matter of how you meet your maker, I guess. Be there at 9 p.m. Eastern -- you won't want to miss this. And it's hard to think of another host you'd rather see conducting that conversation.

Select clips from our previous Uganda coverage, after the jump.

Americans encouraging anti-gay sentiment in Uganda:

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