Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seventh Anniversary of the National Black Justice Coalition

Today marks the Seventh Anniversary of the National Black Justice Coalition. Through trials and triumphs, NBJC has provided leadership at the intersection of race and sexuality, advocating for a world free from racism and homophobia. I reflect with gratitude on what we've achieved together over these years. We have made real progress towards a better future for Black LGBT people, evidenced in the OUT on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit and One Nation, Working Together and that simply couldn’t have happened without supporters like you.

NBJC’s next chapter starts now. In recognition of NBJC’s years of advocacy and leadership empowering the African American LGBT community, we need you on the frontline as a stakeholder to embolden our movement. We invite you to join the Justice Society, whose members are a driving force behind NBJC's educational, organizing and advocacy programs. They are the core of our work creating a diverse alliance of LGBT people and allies dedicated to nurturing the next generation of LGBT African American leaders. It only takes a few minutes at to register your monthly donation and pledge your support toward Building Stronger Black Families.

I’ve met many of you at conferences and meetings, and your passion for justice is inspiring. As we look towards 2011, I am requesting your help to foster the next generation of Black LGBT leadership. Let’s focus that passion towards lifting up our Black LGBT brothers and sisters who are the future of this movement!

All of us are struggling during these hard economic times, even as our fight for equality goes on. NBJC will continue advocating for Black families, and we hope that you will join us. We’ve worked hard to prove ourselves, and we ask that your gift reflect your belief in NBJC. Please make your donation to NBJC today—this time is a pivotal one, and your investment in the African American LGBT movement is needed now.

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