Monday, December 20, 2010

Phaedra and Apollo are ReDICKulous!!!

So I don’t usually do television recaps or discuss what is happening on the hottest reality shows; however I have finally jumped on board with the Real Housewives of Atlanta band wagon. On last night I really enjoyed the show and when the Southern Belle Phaedra Parks brought up how she knows of a stripper that can give himself head, I thought about the FlavaMen Blatino Award nominee ReDICKulous and during the Watch What Happens Live after show Phaedra confirmed my guess by actually confirming ReDICKulous’ name… hmmm so of course every Tom, Dick, and Dwight Allen O'Neal is hoping that this confirms that Phaedra actually met her husband Apollo Nida while at Club 708 while ReDICKulous was performing and then ReDICKulous introduced the two, because Apollo was there getting over his ex boyfriend who left him while Apollo was locked up in jail and then Apollo was over men for a while and decided to swim with real fishes for a minute, until he meets the Gaylebrity Dwight Allen O'Neal… LOL… Okay wishful thinking, but on a serious note I would like to congratulate ReDICKulous for becoming a household name… Baby you have made it, you didn’t win that FlavaMen Blatino Award… But you are now known across the country for that wonderful talent that you have… sucking your own… you know the rest.

As a sidebar I do want to add, if you know any information about Apollo swimming in the MAN SEA, because he clearly stated (uncomfortably) that he has never gotten in the man pond, please let me know. Now of course I want this information, because I am a mermaid out in the MAN SEA, hell it’s too many of the gays in the pond, but the sea is so big you need guidance. So guide me to where I can find Apollo out in this big SEA… LOL… Enjoy your week and Merry Christmas everyone!

ADDED BONUS*** 7 THINGS I noticed that I will not comment on... But 7 THINGS you can!!!

1. Phaedra Cannot Add... How was she in Law School and Apollo was in High School when they met and they are 4 years apart.

2. Body Language

3. What convicted felon can then be released from prison to set up companies? And why Apollo job sound like a hustle; another reason we turned on. Everybody wants a bad boy.

4. Did Phaedra and Apollo seem coached?

5. Who in the LGBT community does Apollo remind you of? He might have been a guest on my show... LOL

6. Do you think ReDICKulous will be performing at the Bachelorette party?

7. Do you think Lawrence's friend who he was referring to that knew Apollo was ReDICKulous???


Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Why come I ain't met this reDICKulous yet? Shoot!

Anonymous said...

Redickulous worked here in DC years ago. Maybe DC isn't as boring as you imagined.

Blogger said...

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