Monday, December 6, 2010

My Date with a Matchmaker

So a few weeks ago I had a meeting with Charlie The Matchmaker so he could assist me in finding a romance. It was really funny in deciding to participate in his services, because I thought it might be weird to meet with a matchmaker; however it was really like meeting with a life coach. I originally met Charlie at a networking event I was attending for Next Magazine and when I learned about his services I agreed to meet with him to talk about either hiring his services or becoming a pool boy. After the meeting I decided that right now I would only commit to be a pool boy, because many of the questions he asked me allowed me to really reflect on what I may be seeking and had me ask myself additional questions about my Mr. Right.

If you do decide to hire a matchmaker he is excellent because he is confidential, has a great catalogue of men to choose from, and last he really does make you get real. By real I mean he asks tough questions that you cannot lie about and it makes you be honest with him and most importantly yourself. He asked me questions about my career, lifestyle, and about my past relationships. As you all know I recently told you that I was over my ex and he put me to the test and made sure that I was in a place where I was ready to meet a new love interest. I am so excited that I met with Charlie, who I may add looks like Ryan from The A-List New York, because I am able to really focus on what I am looking for in my future. At a very young age I created goals for myself and many of them are off track and I never sat down to reevaluate my future in certain areas. After my meeting with my matchmaker I was able to go home and update my personal goals and aspirations and I am very excited about the greatness that I am creating for myself, with the guidance of God of course. If you would like to find out more information about Charlie The Matchmaker you can check out his website at

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