Friday, December 17, 2010

Chi-Chiz Will Live On Into The New Year, But Not Long After

by Next Magazine

It seems as if the trials and tribulations of West Village watering hole Chi Chiz, reported by Next Magazine and elsewhere, have finally come to an end. After losing a recent appeal against charges by the State Liquor Authority, the owners announced they would be closing the predominantly African-American gay bar for good on January 3, 2011. In a recent e-mail, Chi Chiz attorney Tom Shanahan wrote about the decision and the actions of David Poster, vice-president of the Greenwich Village Block Association and one of the main forces in the effort to shut it down:

This [closure] was forced but [still] our decision, as we cannot run a business with sustained harassment by the NYPD, as has been occurring. Deputy Inspector Caroli issued twelve summons since March…and all have been dismissed. The time and [cost] of litigating one thing after another—and all of it being dismissed—are too expensive for a private-sector business the size of ours. It is truly sad—and bad for Christopher Street and the LGBT Community. Moreover, it is clear that David Poster and his minions will be whatever they can to chase African-Americans and the transgendered away from Christopher Street and the community. The continuing harassment by these ‘village idiots’ has continued and poses a problem to running a small business. Now they [will] deal with a vacant block on Christopher Street, which has a 50% commercial vacancy rate.” —Dan Avery

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Anonymous said...

Come uptown to Le Boy Bar on Dyckman Street or No Parking on Broadway near the GWB and join your Latino brothers.

Dan said...

What a shame. So, so sad. My favorite gay--, nope, my favorite bar, period, in NYC.




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