Thursday, November 4, 2010

State of Emergency: Hammer vs. Jay-Z

State of Emergency: A featured post that sheds a light on offensive acts, all in the name of music.

By ChinaBabe of J9's MusicLife

Really "King" Hammer, are you really coming for HOV?

Now I know you did a double take when you read the title or you laughed (I mean a true LOL). If you are a true hip-hop lover not only did you LOL, you also SMH.

If you don't know who MC Hammer is, click here for a bit of hip-hop history.

Well, Jay-Z happened to make mention of Hammer's financial situation or lack there of, in his latest super collaboration with Kanye West on a track called So Appalled. This track is one of many to inspire the forth coming Jay-Z/Kanye album "Watch the Throne."

*** I digressed***

Hammer took the 2 lines that referenced him...I'm sorry, I should say King Hammer was so irate about the line(s) he released a song and video Better Run Run... I'll wait...

If you opted not to waste 5 minutes of your life, here's a very brief summary:

In the video, Hammer takes a slight swipe at Kanye, using the Runaway theme. However, it is quite clear that the target is Jay-Z...from the very bad look-a-like with the Yankee hat to playing up the internet rumors of Jay and his affiliations with the illuminati (another time). At some point, Hammer makes mention of Jay selling his sold to the devil...

**Looks side ways at Hammer**

To read the full article, click here.

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