Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shaq aka Shaqeeta Happy Halloween To Beyonce "Beautiful Nightmare"

In pretty much the greatest video ever in the history of sports, Shaquille O’Neal stole the show as a cross-dressing Beyonce-fan named “Shaqeeta” this past Halloween.

Basically, the Boston Celtics center and long-time NBA joker dressed up in a black skirt and tight-fitting top fully expecting to roam the trains of downtown Boston scaring random tourists. However, after that plan didn’t work out, O’Neal decided to give us this gem of a video so that fans could see what Halloween means to him.


Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

What in the hell was that man doing? Halloween is a good excuse for men to do drag. How you doin? LOL!

Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

I am fine Nathan! How are you?




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