Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Future of TV --- Is HULU

Entering into the Modern Age of Television, which I now call Hulu. I don’t have a TV anymore. My TV set I had since 4th grade died. I disconnected my Time Warner Cable in March. I have been off the tube ever since. However, I discovered a new way of watching TV, on my laptop computer then on my HTC 4G Sprint phone. TV anytime and anywhere… How you may ask? HULU.com.

Hulu is about to make a big move -- talk of an IPO within the next couple of months appears to be well founded. The timing is right, says BU professor N. Venkatraman, as the economy is expected to pick up in 2011, and the tech sector with it. "Media will be one of those sectors that will be redefined by tech, and Hulu wants to be seen as the leader of the pack."

And I must agree with Professor Venkatraman, www.Hulu.com is the coolest site to me. I haven’t watched network TV in years. For the past 2 -3 years, the TV was parked on the History Channel, TNT with The Closer and Lifetime with reruns of The Golden Girls. Now with the 2010 Fall Season, ABC, CBS and ABC have got my attention with my Top 5 show. If you believe it or not I watch them all thanks to Hulu.

Number 5

Undercovers on NBC

Years into their retirement, a husband and wife team are re-activated as CIA agents.

Very entertaining! I loved it! This new spy-fest feels like a cross between the TV shows "Hart to Hart" and "Alias" and the movie "True Lies." Even though the pilot may have seemed a little lackluster at times, this is usual for pilots, since the script has to incorporate the introduction of brand new characters and situations to the audience as well as a back-story. There is obvious potential for fun and exciting story lines this season, and I'm really looking forward to it! The casting of Boris and Gugu as the main characters is fabulous! They have wonderful chemistry and actually have the "aura" of spy-intelligent tech-geniuses! Also, it is quite refreshing to have a husband and wife team who have a LOVING relationship instead of the unhappy, fighting, "why did I marry you" type of couples running rampant in today's sitcoms. I hope they stick to their guns like "Hart to Hart" and keep this couple in love and in one accord. Movie and TV writers/producers should realize that there REALLY ARE some HAPPY couples out there -- emotionally mature, secure, and enjoying their relationships! It's time to reflect that segment of the population on screen too! Anyway, so far, the show looks like an adorable winner! Loved the globetrotting locations too! Can't wait for the next episode!

Number 4

The Event on NBC

When a man goes looking for his missing girlfriend, he stumbles upon a government conspiracy that is bigger than the president himself.

We have Sean Walker (played by Jason Ritter of Three’s Company) on a plane - and he manages to get a gun onto the plane. Seriously? So you're asking us to completely suspend reality in the opening scene, because apparently the writers have never been through an airport security screening. Fine, then we go back in time to have a flashback. Cool - we need some set-up.

So Sean and his soon-to-be fiancé' Leila Buchanan (played by Sarah Roemer) are going on a cruise. Leila is a single mom, with her daughter
being left with Leila's parents. Okay, fine. Then we flash forward. Then we flash back. That continues happening all throughout the whole episode - and basically ruined the whole episode.

Though some believe it was a bit "busy" and didn't enjoy the flashbacks, this is something a lot of shows or series for that matter are doing. It seems confusing at the time it’s a set up so that in future shows you say,” so that's what that was about, now I get it." It leaves the viewer acknowledging these little "treasures" that give explanation to something previously seen. It wouldn't be any fun if everything were explained as the show progressed. It's the show that makes us think & piece together information viewed so we can try and figure how things are connected and then when revealed we either are proud we got it right or realize we didn't take all the facts into account and got it wrong. It almost makes the show an "interactive" experience & then we sit a discuss it with co-workers trying to figure it out. I guess more lazy minded viewers would like it explained bit this way it’s so much more exciting. You wouldn't want a mystery novel to tell you the killer or meaning of the clues in the first chapter, you read on to see how it relates. These are just my opinions; everyone else has a right to theirs. I loved it.

Number 3

Modern Family on ABC

A satirical look at three different families and the trials they face in each of their own uniquely comedic ways.

Give this show a chance. I really kind of watched it against my will, but figured I'd give it a shot. I bet out of a hundred pilots, I would like maybe one - this was that one. I literally laughed out loud at numerous parts - the way that it comes together is interesting / well-done - each couple has an interesting balance - great dialog (IMDB won't let me spell it with a "ue" at the end) - original characters - I'm impressed.

I don't think I've ever seen ABC come out with something in this vein. Normally their shows are a bit watered down, but this is edgy and as fresh as anything I've seen hit network TV. I know that comparisons to Arrested Development will be frequent, but I think that this has more str
ucture. The characters aren't as wacky, but they're more believable and easier to sympathize with in my eyes. Tremendous acting, great kid actors - I forwarded the pilot to a bunch of people already, and I feel lucky that I got to watch it before it came out officially.

Number 2

Desperate Housewives on ABC

Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor.

This season we got a beauty queen on the block. A REAL QUEEN!!! LOL

After Renee (played by Vanessa Williams) begins spending a lot of time with Tom, an angry Lynette feels she's trying to sabotage their marriage; Bree fires Keith without warning when she suddenly finds herself falling for him; Susan is wracked with guilt about lying to Mike about her new, risque side job; Gabrielle rushes to the hospital after learning that Bree accidentally hit Juanita with the car; and Paul introduces the women of Wisteria Lane to his new wife.

My Favorite HULU Show this season.

Number 1

Outsourced on NBC

A manager is sent to India to oversee a staff of customer service representatives.

Never really wanted to go to Mumbai, but this apparent TV sitcom take on a 2006 movie (didn't see it) about a mid-level management type in charge of a new novelty telemarketing office in India gives it an almost college campus-type setting - complete with cafeteria - that almost makes it look like an interesting place to go. The culture clash between mid-stream, Midwestern America and the Indian call center employees could've been ugly or boring. This is neither. The light relationship banter, reminiscent of "Better off Ted," keeps the characters interesting, and sets the stage to await further developments. There's obviously a lot more rich cultural material to mine. Have to admit, the novelties are interesting enough that you wonder, if someone is actually selling them somewhere, how much would they be?

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