Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dating A Mr. Big: Healthy or Unhealthy Emotional Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we always find ourselves in a situation where we meet a Mr. Big. Whether it's male or female, we run into someone like Big. If you're still unaware of what I'm saying, there is a character created on the hit television series Sex and the City that fits the profile.

The up and down relationship between Carrie and Big has made me think about relationships for years. Whenever I look at Big, it was like looking in the mirror. He was a reminder on how we become emotionally attacked that is hard to handle. For fans of the show, they starts asking these similar question.

Have we ever dated a Big?

Here are some ways to know if you dated someone like him. You can also include him on the female side. Don't be looking at a gender. There are female Bigs too.

1) Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt situations weren't getting resolved until you had to argue after you've been discussing the same thing three times in a row?

2) Did your mate ever tell you that they have to travel somewhere two days before they had to go?

3) This is something that I see alot. After breaking up, you decide to remain friends. You keep each other updated on each others lives. Then Big is suddenly crushed about his life, he decided to stalk you in order to get closer. Then when you're asking him these questions, he ignores it and attempts to take you back. Most of the time, it happens.

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