Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Cornelius speaks OUT against Bullying and Hate Crimes"

Anti-Bullying and Suicide LOVE PSA
brought to you by Cornelius Jones Jr.

Happy A.A+W Wednesday Guys: So I need to Repost this again...Keep our Youth in Prayer. There have been more tragedies in the LGBT Community, with the recent Suicide of NYC Activist, Joseph Jefferson....KEEP OUR YOUTH LIFTED...KEEP EACH OTHER LIFTED.

Sending my best out to everyone this A.A+Wsome Wednesday. I want take time this week to reflect on Bullying and Hate Crimes, which has taken a huge toll in the LGBT community over the past few weeks, primarily amongst our gay youth.

I am deeply saddened by this, however, it is not shocking news to me. For years I have been documenting numerous hate-crimes and suicides that has taken place within the LGBT community. Sadly...but finally, this serious matter is making national headlines. For a while it seemed as if the world did not care about us, and more importantly our gay youth. Today, tomorrow, and forever, I pause to remember the lives lost and the lives almost lost. With love I remember: Raymond, Tyler, Seth, Billy, Asher, and Carl Joseph by inviting you to listen to my special message and poem below:

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