Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Roque Caston's 19th Birthday

On Sunday, September 26, it is going to be my 19th birthday. I am so excited for this. I am just very excited on how my life has changed since then. I look back at my life and see that my life has changed drastically. I have been on an incredible journey, and I still think I have long way to go. My journey car is still in the garage. Now I know that I have a long journey ahead of me.

In the past year, I have seen amazing things happen. I saw myself on the big screen for the first time in the independent film My Friend, Oscar. I had an amazing time working on the set. It was my first movie and I will never forget it.

Then I started Roque's Reality, a blog about my everyday comedy life. After constantly changing the URL I found the right name and it is starting to grow a fan base. After doing the blog, people are giving me positive reviews because my life is a little bit of an open book.

Strangely, they are thinking about dubbing me the black gay Chelsea Handler.

Even though I am happy for the comparison because I am a huge fan of Chelsea Handler, I think it's a little crazy to compare me to her. She drinks vodka and I am not allowed to do that yet.

After that, I started working here and there. I have been doing films and tv shows here and there. Then I performed stand up comedy for a interactive website. It was an amazing experience and the first time I can introduce everyone my comedic skills.

Now I am turning to television. I recently got hired as a writer and actor for an upcoming television show. I have a few sketches coming up on the show. Things are going great filming the show.

I just want to say thank you to everyone. I know I am going to be happy being 19. Have a good night. I know I will.

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Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

OMG... The Little is growing up so fast!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you enjoyed the day.




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