Thursday, September 30, 2010

Four suicides in three weeks!

Suicides seem to be on the rise in gay teens. I found this on

This is possibly one of the most horrific things we've heard in quite some time.
Tyler Clementi, a gay freshman at Rutgers University, has taken his life by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge last week after two classmates secretly filmed him having sex and then broadcast it over the internet.
Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei have each been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy, and could face up to five years in prison if convicted on a third degree offense.
Worse yet, Ravi is being charged with two additional counts of invasion of privacy, because he apparently attempted to film AGAIN two days later!
Check out (above) a news report on the incident before the student's death.
Absolutely vile. We can't even begin to imagine how this poor teen must have felt.
Why anyone would do that to someone else is beyond us.
Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and loved ones. We can't even begin to express how grief-stricken we are from hearing about this awful, unnecessary tragedy.
Four teenage boys dead in 3 weeks!!!!
ENOUGH is ENOUGH! These tragedies need to stop!


Gay Music said...

Just like I've posted on other blogs that I have read/seen this and other stories like this on....this is just sad. WTF is going on this month? And just tonight, 50Cent posts a homophobic, kill yourself tweet...soooo many closeted assholes!

Martyn said...

There is a YouTube Channel called "It Gets Better" where people can share their high school bullying experiences and talk about how much better their life is now. I think it helps. Maybe Nathan can post a "it Gets better" video.




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