Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Le Chateau: A New Stage PLAY"

Premieres THIS WEEK:

“Le Chateau”

Viciousness, jealousy and betrayal will be the order of the day as three diverse women try to find themselves while engaging in questionable behavior. The scene from this most provocative and well written piece is set in a gentleman’s club, dating back to the early nineteen hundreds in New Orleans.

The captivation of it all comes to life in the play “Le Chateau” which is written by openly gay, Caribbean born, New York based playwright Demedrius Charles. The play is being staged at the Paul Robeson Theater, 40 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238. It will run for four consecutive days, September 9th, 10th and 11th from 8pm with the final

showing on the 12th at 3pm. Tickets cost $20.

Demedrius is an accomplished writer by his own standing. He has published three books of poems and his play “Matters of the Heart” had a three day run at the prestigious American Theater of Actors in 2007. Demedrius looks forward to the staging of his latest piece “Le Chateau” as he knows it will leave you gasping for more of his work. The play is directed by trained Shakespearean actor Courtney Everette. He has won two New York Jean Dalrympie Awards: Best Director for the play Last Dance of Yello Thunder and Best Classical Actor. Le Chateau’s costume design is done by Jennifer Darmaine who is a recognized fashion designer from Trinidad and Tobago.

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