Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sony Announces the Sony Internet TV, a TV that will incorporate Google TV. A new blu-ray player with built-in Google TV is also coming soon.

When Google introduced the Google TV at the Google I/O conference, they did so with Sony standing on stage as a full partner, but no one was entirely sure what that entailed. We knew something was cooking, but we weren’t sure what. Now with the announcement of Sony’s first Internet TV, we know, we can see the results of that partnership.

The Sony Internet TV will feature the Google TV device built in. Each HDTV will ship out with a QWERTY keyboard, and once the unit is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable, the TV will be ready to surf the web. The “smart-television” will be out later in the Fall, but no word yet on pricing, or exactly which models will feature the Google TV. Sony will also be introducing a blu-ray player with built-in Google TV which should also ship sometime in Fall.

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