Monday, July 26, 2010

Beyonce Gets a Ticket For Texting While Driving

Okay so people thought it would upset me to tease me about Beyonce getting a ticket for texting while driving, well it didnt. Knowing that Beyonce gets tickets just like all of us makes me LOVE her even more. If you break the law you have to pay the cost, I have had many tickets in my driving history. A close source claimed...

“BeyoncĂ© was really embarrassed because she only recently got her driver’s license. She tried to charm that cop and told him she had no idea that texting while driving was against the law. He had no idea who she was. He just slapped her with the ticket, which was worth more than $100!”

What I find funny about the story is Beyonce just got her license, girl what and the hell you been waiting on? I just knew you would have had your driver's license by now, I know you been driving for years. My mother was driving illegally until she was way in her forties and didn't get her license until after I passed my drivers exam before her. I am just glad he didn't stop Beyonce before she got her license and that would have been a hot mess and as for you haters who want to attack her for trying to charm her way out of a ticket, let it go! Hell I pretended like I was having an asthma attack to get out of a ticket and you know what the cop did? He called an ambulance for my fake medical need and still wrote me my speeding tickets. Talk about how embarrassed I was when the paramedics said "I guess you drove so fast you knocked the wind out of your body," they laughed and told the cop I was faking. Some cops just don't play!

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Makes me love her more!




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