Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Savion Glover - The Exclusive INTERVIEW"

YEAR-END Review!!!
Recapping with Mr. Savion Glover

I really enjoyed this interview and wanted to share
as we at TheFutureForward wrap up 2010!

Savion Glover -
The Exclusive INTERVIEW

Happy A.A+Wsome Wednesday FUTURE!

So it is here. My exclusive interview with tap dancer sensation/choreographer Savion Glover. Savion breaks his silence about the NYTimes critic who panned SolePower and he shares with us a little "spinning" secret (that's all I'll say!) This was a great interview and we would love to have Savion on again. Enjoy!

with Cornelius Jones Jr.
Tune in next Wednesday for more
Arts.Advocacy+Wellness with Cornelius Jones Jr.
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