Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Is What It Is Pt. 8 by Karen Minors

As I walked into the building, I couldn’t stop smiling. Douglass & Vaughn Physical Therapy Services, Inc. was located adjacent to National Harbor Medical Center. It was a four story brick building that offered extensive outpatient therapy services, to include occupational and physical therapy. There was a pool on the first floor, and three days a week we offered water aerobics. There was also a sauna, Jacuzzi, and massage suite for additional services. I was very pleased with what we had accomplished. This had been a good year. There was enough room for other businesses opportunities as well, and we hoped to expand some time in the near future. Milan runs the physical therapy side of the business, and I am responsible for the administrative and business management side. I guess we would technically be titled as CEO and COO. We are doing quite well for ourselves.  
As I sat at my desk, I thought about what Kari said. I want to see you happy. We all do.  I keep people out of my personal business, but everyone knew about my breakup with Joaquin. I got lost in my work, and my attitude changed for the better. I am happier now, whereas before, I was short-tempered with the staff, and a few times, Milan told me to take some mental health days. I have longed for someone to share my world with, but my track record with men and relationships was 0-3 in the last eight years.

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