Thursday, July 8, 2010

It Is What It Is Pt. 7 by Karen Minors

I could feel this man staring at me. Damn, I know he ain’t coming over here to talk to me, I thought. Yep, here he comes.
Malachi walked towards me, looking behind me at something.
          He smiled and said, “Good morning.” 
I responded with a nod and a smile. “Good morning.”
          “You know, I was watching you swim and I have a suggestion. If you dig in just a little deeper during your crawl, you will get more out of the stretch all the way to the end, and cut your time by about 45 seconds.”
          “Well, thank you, but I’m not trying out for the US Olympic team. I’m just tryna get my workout on, mister whatever your name is.” I replied with a bit of attitude.
          “Ooh, sorry. Didn’t mean to strike a nerve. My name is Malachi. Malachi Taylor. Just thought I could help,” he responded, extending his hand.

          I shook his hand. Mmm! Big hands, too! “My name is Maiya Vaughn. Nice to meet you. Well, I better get going. And I’ll think about what you said and try it the next time I swim.” I rolled my eyes as I gathered my gym bag and started walking away.
          “Excuse me, Maiya? I know this may seem a bit forward, but I was wondering if maybe we could get together for coffee or lunch sometime. If you are interested, that is.”
          “I think I may have some time to spare, I mean share, with you.”
          “Okay, then, Miss Maiya. We’ll exchange cards and I will call you this week.  Until then, take care young lady.”
          “Bye,” I said, as I walked into the locker room.

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