Monday, April 19, 2010

How I discovered "The Secret"

So it was around 3AM and I was fast asleep in bed with my new boyfriend, when all of a sudden something woke me up right out of my sleep. When I woke up I noticed that the light from his cell phone was being hidden under the cover and that he was obviously texting someone in the middle of the night. I was so upset that I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to splash water on my face, because Beyonce’s “Ring the Alarm” was pounding in my head and was burning from anger. I had finally met someone that I was really falling hard for and this guy was just like all the others it appeared. The next day I had an attitude toward him and what few items I had left at his home I gathered up to take back to my own; because I had already decided that this was the beginning of our end. As I was venting to my best friend about what happened I passed a book store and I thought about this book that everyone was telling me about called “The Secret” and how it had changed their lives and how they felt like I should read it. I knew that I had a business trip coming up so I decided that I would take the book with me on it and read it while I was in San Francisco.

When I read the book it really reflected how I was currently feeling sad, broken, loveless, and lost. I did not really understand what I was going to really get from the book, but my intuition told me not to discuss the cell phone incident with my partner until after I return from my trip. When I read the book it really taught me a great secret, one that I had used without realizing it. It taught me that I have a great magic inside of me and that everything in my life I was attracting it. I had always thought that men were worthless and I was not worthy to be loved the right way and that is what I got. In that moment I decided that I was worthy of love and that I was beautiful on the outside as well as inside, instantly tingling went throughout my body. I also declared that I wanted to be successful and that I was going to have a booming career. I am not saying these things to just brag; however if you look at my life and my circumstances they do reflect these blessings. I noticed a difference immediately when I shifted my thoughts, on my trip I received a financial blessing on my plan ride home, a free shuttle ride, entire new wardrobe within a month, and a repaired romance (Come to find out he was checking the time on the phone, because he accidentally unplugged the clock and didn’t want us to over sleep, he hid the phone to keep the light from waking me). I urge you to sit in a quite still place on today and keep saying over and over what you want as if you always had it and watch how quickly it will become yours. God gave all of us equal gifts and the one that we usually misuse is our power to will. My daily mantra is “I am happy, healthy, and wealthy… Yay Yay Yay” and whenever I say it, it reminds me to radiate thoughts that bring me those things. May the power of your thoughts bring you many blessings, that is my prayer for you, Amen.

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algie said...

its amazing how when you have god in your life you will always come out with a peace of mind no matter what people and their games try to throw at you




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