Friday, April 2, 2010

How Does Sue Sylvester see it? Those SNEAKY GAYS!

The Glee promo machine is in full swing, and we’re all for it if it means giving us more Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). After the jump, her latest Sue’s Corner, in which she speaks out about “Sneaky Gays,” men who, unlike Liberace and Oscar Wilde, are not “so flaming they can be seen from space.”

Jagger, Bowie, you knew they were women,” she says. “But nowadays, this internationally ranked cheerleading coach just can’t figure it out.” As an example, she offers Neil Patrick Harris. She hears he’s gay, but then he plays a cardigan-wearing womanizer on TV. “And then I heard a rumor you’re not actually a doctor. So much sneaky gay deception,” she says.

Adam Lambert, you’re on the right track but still too subtle,” she continues. She suggests he “swish it up a bit.”

Black nail polish? Swish it up a bit. I want to see enormous fuchsia rhinestone-studded gay claws so cumbersome you can’t even perform the most basic acts of personal hygiene.” The bottom line: “Swish it up, gays. Because if I can’t tell who’s gay, how will I know who to judge?”

Swish it up a bit” — a new catchphrase?

In any case, as counterprogramming, please enjoy this very funny new video from “Glee,” one of many to get fans excited about the return of the television hit on April 13.

It is an event I am looking forward to as much as the iPad–so, maybe I will watch the new episodes on my new tablet to reach a state of glee.

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