Thursday, April 8, 2010

Addicted to HELL by C.R. Knight

With the weather heating up and vacation destination time upon us, one wonders if black gay men are hell bound.  This year promises to unleash the hottest in black gay circuit parties.  The first stop is the largest beast of them all, Sizzle.  If you are black, gay, over 25 and haven't heard about Sizzle, then you have clearly been living under a rock.  Miami hosts this almost week long string of parties, special events and freak fests.  It's known that many men rush to these circuit parties to get away from the trite parties held in their home towns.  The so-called "pride fests" provide opportunities for lots and lots of sex and debauchery, not to mention more debauchery and sex.  One would hope that a considerable amount of networking would take place but think not, this is stictly dickly.

Next up is the Fire Island Black Out also known as FIBO.  Celebrating their eigth year on the sandy beaches of Cherry Grove, the organizers of this three day weekend are undoubtedly taking things up a notch this year.  A friend forwarded me their newly revamped website which details where to stay, how to purchase your bracelet and how to get your swag on FIBO style.  I was happy to see that partnerships are starting to form amongst the parties. and promoters.  Its about damn time and long overdue.

Lastly, the new kid on the block Inferno Dominican Republic.  This party is relatively new, just short of five years old.  Labor Day weekend won't be the same in Atlanta where most of the kids habitually find themselves. However, I'm sure the Atlanta promoters won't go hungry.  Inferno will only be afforded by those not directly effected by the recession. Then again, I'm sure if you found one of those crafty ballroom children, you could get a deep discounted airline fare.  Watch your back.

Now that you know a little about my top three choices for circuit parties this summer, I couldn't help but notice how each one of these parties have some reference to fire.  And what do we know about fire?  It's hot!  By no means am I saying that all the homos are going to hell, but if you are fortunate enough to attend all three, its going to be one steamy summer, just don't get burned.  Be safe!

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