Friday, March 12, 2010

SGL Weekly: SeanMichael Rogers

Hey ya’ll,

We are back with another exciting issue this week and with our cover model this week I am very excited for him to grace our cover. Cause this is a man who is doing great things in and for our community. The man that I am talking about is SeanMichael Rodgers who is based out of New York City. This young man has challenged himself with the biggest endeavor of any young person I know with a television network. Many have tried and fail but he has broken through and this upcoming autumn he will launch his baby called Embrace Network. This network will showcase the best and brightest in our community of GLBT people of color. This network is well long overdue, because you don’t see that many people of color on quote em’ quote mainstream television and when you do the shows end up being cancel due to so called low ratings. Which we know is untrue. In this issue we continue with our books, movies and music section. We also brought back our popular section What’s The T? So enjoy the issue and tell a friend about us, also please send us your comments about the magazine


Cleavester Brooks

Editor In Chief

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