Thursday, March 25, 2010

Notes from Nathan: Unstable

had an epiphany this week that a great many of us sex craving, entrepreneur driven, socially handicapped, attention seekers are unstable.  Well, in some way at least.  Some control theirs better than others but we've all been a little off at some point in our lives.  Have you ever been walking down the street and just wanted to chop off someone's head or trip up an old lady because she was walking too slow?  Don't deny it.  Have you ever wanted to disappear?  When asked which superpower they would want to possess, most people reply with... INVISIBILITY.  Secretly, people wish they were someplace else or not here at all.  I've felt that way numerous times in my life and I consider it to be some form of depression.
I go in an out from day to day wondering why on earth I am having to work so hard to get to that next level, wherever that is.  Many of us say that we want it, but aren't aligned with getting it.  I know that depression isn't the best topic in the world, but I feel that when we ignore it, it festers.

There are days when I just stare off into the sky wondering what life is like up there.  People talk about heaven and what we hope it will be like.  What if there is no heaven?  Will that make us all unstable then for believing in something that never existed?  Sorry for the sidebar.  My attention span sucks sometimes.  Attention deficit disorder (ADD) plagues a good portion of the population, especially with so many things craving our attention or us theirs.  Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, sex sites, fan pages and a host of other social networks, how can we not be unstable?  What would our lives be like if we were all just handcuffed away from our gadgets?  How long could you survive in a straight jacket?
One great way for me to get over my depressed state of mind is to regain my focus on what's important to me and the people who love me.  Things are heating up with my broadcast endeavors.  My producers and I have a major announcement coming this summer.  We are in talks with a company that wants to put us on national television.  Details will come to you as they come to us.  We are sooo excited!

I lightly touched on depression and being unstable.  My mission was to spark a dialogue.  Bring it up the next time you are with a group of people, you just might help someone get it out in the open.  See, I feel better already, just writing this post.

Happy Thursday!

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Zolra Caston said...

It's alright pal. At times that happen. We reflect on our body of work and then we began to predict future endeavors. I'm sure things will get better. You know what they say. You can try to solve the puzzle, but even though you fixed it, there is still 98% of the puzzle still missing.




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