Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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And the Winner is....

About two weeks ago I posted an article about the race to see who will win the new NYC Condom design contest. The votes are in and with more than 23% of the 15,000 online ballots, the winner is Kew Garden, Queens resident Luis Acosta and his design "the electronic power button." New York City Health Department sources say, "Acosta’s design symbolizes New Yorkers’ power to take control and practice safer sex."

Acosta's design, a special limited-edition NYC condom wrapper, will be used this fall to encourage safer sex in New York City, a city that has seen an increasing amount of HIV/AIDS infection rates since the disease came to surface in
the 80's. We all know that HIV/AIDS isn't the only reason to practice safer sex, as there are other STI's (sexually transmitted infections) and unplanned pregnancies that can be prevented with the use of a condom. "The NYC Condom program is doing all of New York City a great service, and I’m very excited to be a part of it,” Acosta said. “I hope my package design reminds people that they’re in control. We all have the power to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancies.”

I agree with Luis Acosta, we do have the power to protect ourselves, and not only our health but our emotional and mental wellness also. So when you pick up the "the electronic power button" condom, use that as a reminder of how powerful you are as a living being.

For more information on NYC Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene and the condom design contest click here:

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