Monday, February 22, 2010

What'll I Do Now That I Am Single- Part 5

Date Hunt!

Now the dating game is kind of like job hunting. One thing I have always learned about a job hunt is you dress for success, the same goes for dating. Ladies and Gents you will attract the kind of man or woman that you may want based on what you are wearing. When I am seeking a potential date, the first thing I notice about them is their outfit, then their face, body, and I won’t tell you the last thing (don’t want you to look at me differently). So make sure that you dress for success if you want that businessman dress like an individual that the businessman would want around him, if you want to date a woman that can name all fifty states then dress in a way that will attract her. So before going to these different places make sure your outer appearance matches your type. I for one cannot see myself with a Steve or Murtal Urkel, take off those high waters and loosen up that belt. So now let’s go out on a night on the town or a day on the town to meet that special someone. This is the fun part, now when reading this you will probably think that I am crazy, well I am a Capricorn and we are known for being a little unsettled. But you have to do what you have to do to get that boo, and while you are single this is when you take risk and have fun.

So let’s say you want to meet a doctor? What would you need to do, well one of my favorite scenes in a movie is in “Memoirs of a Geisha,” well she wanted to get a doctor interested in her so the beautiful Geisha’s mentor cut her leg and rushed her right over to the doctor’s office. Long story short, she got her doctor. Now I am not saying go out and cut yourself or get hit by a bus, however you might want to walk by the local hospital on your way to work one morning (looking good of course) or even better volunteer at the hospital once or twice a month. If you want something you have to make yourself accessible to it, this does not mean go there with the intent of getting a doctor, however trust that you are not going to meet that doctor up the block hanging out with his boys or in the park skateboarding all day with his beat up Vans on. As for going out it is nothing wrong with meeting someone at a bar, lounge, or night club; however be prepared for however you meet this person that may be something they do quite often. If you met me in a club there is a great chance I may be a frequent club attendee. My mother has always told me that I will meet a good woman at church, this could work as well. You would be surprised how many singles actually go to church, however don’t let church automatically cause you to be able to analyze their character. You can go to an amazing restaurant where the food is splendid, but that does not mean that everything in the restaurant is good or good for you, catch my drift? Also I have learned that a great way of meeting people is going to different events. Singles should defiantly try going to a friends opening of a play, an art gallery, or a movie premier this is a great way to meet someone in a cultural setting and if you are into these things as well, guess what you have something in common.

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