Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I LOVE NY 3 of 28 Places to Visit

First on my list is a trendy little spot called Peter’s Since 1969. Peter’s is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 168 Bedford Avenue. It’s pretty easy to get to. Just take the L train to Williamsburg and get off of the very first stop, which is Bedford Avenue, and you’re literally seconds away once you exit the station.

With its southern style fixin’ Peter’s is perfect for a dinner date, small gathering of four, or just solo. Their specialty is French rotisserie chicken, which comes with 2 complimentary sides, and a slice of focaccia bread. I’ve been quite the groupie at Peter’s lately. My usual dish is the ½ Rotisserie Chicken, sautéed spinach, and macaroni and cheese. Now, if you’re vegetarian, don’t frets, Peter’s accommodate vegetarians as well with their Veggie Meal. The Veggie Meal consists of three side dishes. Did I mention the huge selection of vegetarian choices…up to 9 options!

The thing I really love is that everything is prepared in these huge red crockpots right before your eyes. If you’re trying to trim down the waistline, don’t let the southern style cooking scare you. The food is not overly seasoned, and everything is baked, broiled, boiled, or grilled. It’s a healthier version of southern cooking. And don’t worry about proportions the pricing because you’re given an ample amount of proportions for such a cheap price, an estimated bill for one range between $9 - $12. Yes…this dining experience will save you lots of money, which is good around the Holidays.

Of course there’s more to know about Peter’s however, I want you to experience it for yourself. So stop on by Peter’s and let me know how much you loved it.

Peter’s Since 1969
168 Bedford Avenue (between N. 7th & N. 8th Sts.)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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