Saturday, February 6, 2010

Geogrands #12

(Continued from Entry 9)

“AAHHHHHH,” Logic screamed as he fell through the darkness.

“Calm down and focus,” Density shouted somewhere from above him. “You’re a telekinetic. Use your power to levitate yourself in the air!”

“I can’t!” Logic shouted. “I can’t concentrate.”

“Don’t think about falling,” she coached. “Think of yourself as an object that you can move through the air and you won’t fall. You’ll be able to catch yourself.”

“I’ll try,” he said, scared as hell. He took a deep breath and felt his telekinetic field buzz around him. He imagined he was standing on solid ground, and he stopped suddenly, jerking his body.

“OW! I feel like I just hit a brick wall!” he exclaimed.

“Oops, sorry,” Density said next to him as he jumped back in surprise.

“Where did you come from?” he asked.

“By altering my density to almost ghost-like, I can float through the air.”

“Oh, yeah. Forgot,” he replied.

“I meant to tell you to gradually bring yourself to a stop so you wouldn’t jar yourself,” Density said. “My bad.”

“I’ll be sore for a day, but that’s better than being splat on the ground. But the others…”

“They are fine. Remember, Elle is a shape-changer so she can grow her own wings, and Buff is invulnerable. It will take more than a fall to hurt him.”

“Where are they?” Logic asked.

“I’m assuming Elle went after Buff to make sure he landed okay. We should go join them,” Density said.

“But we need to go up,” Logic said. “The force I feel is behind that wall with the golden triangle on it.”

“Okay, let’s go up there first,” Density said. “I’m sure the others are okay. Hey, why don’t you check on them? You are the team telepath. You can keep us all mentally linked together.”

“Kinda advance don’t you think?” he said. “But I know how to broadcast my thought self or astral form now. Ummm,” he said closing his eyes to help focus his concentration. “They are okay. Elle is flying back up toward us now. She says we can go on ahead.”

“Great job,” Density said encouragingly. Logic smiled. He felt like he was finally getting in control of his powers. Ever since they entered the dome he felt more in control but also still drawn to this force that was inside the pyramid.

Logic flew up rather quickly, and he looked down toward Density. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to go so fast. I feel like I’m flying and I can shoot myself waaayyy up if I wanted.”

“It’s not you. Floating through air is much slower than levitating through it,” she replied.

“I can carry you telekinetically if you want, but you’ll have to solidify yourself,” Logic suggested.

“No, I don’t want you to overdo yourself,” Density said. “Remember you had to carry Buff all the way in the air when we got shot down and you were really straining yourself. It’s going to take time to build up your telekinetic strength. Theoretically, you should be able to lift tons with your mind, but it’s going to take you awhile to get there.”

“Cool,” Logic said. “Well here we are back at this golden triangle.”

Density went over to touch the triangle. “It’s pretty solid,” Density remarked.

Logic went to touch it to and expected the same solidness, but instead his forearm went through it. He looked toward Density, who was just as puzzled as he was.

“Maybe it’s because you’re a psychic or something,” Density wondered out loud. “I mean, you are the only one who can feel this ‘force’.”

“Should I go see what’s behind it?” he asked.

“Well we won’t know unless you go. The others probably can’t go through it either, but when they make it back up, I’ll have them try. Go ahead,” Density said.

So Logic, went levitated himself through the air and passed through the triangle into a room shaped like the interior of a pyramid. A pyramid inside a pyramid, he thought to himself. He let his feet touch the solid ground so he wouldn’t have to levitate anymore and began examining his surroundings.

On the walls were repeated sketches of eight geometric solids in an octagonal pattern. Logic recognized them as the GeoGrams, but the Good Pyramid in each arrangement was prominently larger than the others.

As Logic approached the middle of the room he noticed thirteen pedestals arranged in a circular manner with different colored books on each pedestal. Eight of the pedestals had normal color covers on them with a jewel of the same color on the front in this way: the red book had a ruby, the orange book had an opal, the yellow book had an amber; the green book hand an emerald, the blue book had a turquoise, the indigo book had a sapphire, the purple book had an amethyst, and the brown book had a topaz. Logic opened each one of these first, but they were all written in a language he had never seen before. Strangely, as he thumbed through some of the books, he could read some of the words.

Next he thumbed through the remaining five books which had covers completely made of some precious stone or metal. He opened a pearl embossed-covered book first, but while he flipped through it, he could not find anything he could read or understand. Next he opened an ebony covered book, and surprisingly he could read every word in the book. He began reading the first sentence in the book, “Vare-Akoo-Fet-Obag-” suddenly he felt a warm feeling slice through his body while in front of him a small black, translucent orb appeared on the floor before him. As he continued reading the strange words the orb suddenly burst into a small flame and Logic dropped the book in astonishment. The flame was too large for him to simply stamp out so he hurriedly read through the book and then began to read the sentence he originally said backwards, letters as well as words. As he read backwards, the fire slowly dissipated.

Logic quickly put the book back on the pedestal and went to the next one. This book was gold-covered and much thicker than the other ones. Once again some of the words he could read, and others he could not. There was also a thicker book with a platinum covered binding, and the thickest book which was also very heavy because its cover was made of pure diamond. These last two books were the same as the gold one. Some of the words he could make out, while others he could not. When he opened the diamond covered book however, a huge slab rose from the center of the pedestals and on it rested a translucent pyramid. Logic’s heart beat fast! Could that be the GeoGram, the Good Pyramid?

As he entered the interior of the pedestals toward the slab, he noticed some strange markings on the floor that connected the pedestals. All thirteen were connected by a circle but the pedestals with the pearl, ebony, gold, platinum and diamond books on them were also connected in a pentagram. With the way the slab appeared the diamond book was at the head of the pentagram.

Logic went toward the slab to grab the Pyramid, but his hand passed through it. So he went back to the entrance of this strange room to let Density and the others know what he found, selectively skipping the fact that he could read some of the words in some of the books and could completely read the ebony book.

“I wonder what that means” Density said aloud. Elle rolled her eyes.

“So do you think what Logic saw was the Good Pyramid?” Buff asked.

“I don’t know,” Density replied. “I’d have to see it for myself.”

“Can’t Logic show us by using his telepathy?” Elle asked.

“I don’t know if I can,” Logic began. “Especially with so many people.”

“When you go back in,” Density said, “Just try to link with me, so I can see what you see.”

“Ok,” Logic began. “I’ll try.”

Logic went back into the pyramid room, and began to focus his telepathic energies outward, he could feel the others’ minds, but he didn’t know how to merge with Density’s mind so she could see what he was seeing.

I can do this in two ways, he thought to himself. I could just project what I’m seeing, or I can establish a psi-link. But how do I that? He projected his astral from his body and floated back through the wall to the others.

“EEEKKK,” Elle screamed, as Logic’s astral form flew through the wall.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle y’all,” Logic said, his southern drawl emerging very strongly at the end of his sentence.

Logic’s astral form reached for Density, and slowly her own astral form separated itself from its body. However, when that happened, her body began to fall.

“Catch her, Elle!” Logic exclaimed. “Without her mind in her body, her power has shut off.”

Elle grew bigger and more muscular so that she could handle carrying Buff and Density and flew down the shaft, as Logic brought Density’s astral form into the pyramid room with him leading both forms back to his body.

“Can you see what I see?” Logic asked.

“Yes,” Density replied. When Logic went back to his body she automatically went back to hers, but now they were linked psychically and by closing her eyes, she could see through Logic’s eyes. “Those are definitely Emthira trademark symbols,” Density said. “I wonder how they got here, and this pyramid for that matter. Oh my! It is the Good Pyramid!” she exclaimed, as Logic’s eyes shifted to the center of the room. “Logic you have to figure out how to get it.”

“I’ll try,” he said and he let the psi-link go. He looked around again, and the only thing that made sense to him was the ebony book. Then he thought about how he was drawn to this place, the fire that he made with the words, and the how the pedestals were connected.

This is a magic place. It has to be, he thought to himself. There’s a pentagram on the floor, and I made fire appear and disappear by chanting those words. If this is a true pentagram, then… Logic picked up the ebony book and the diamond book and switched their places figuring that the black book should be at the head of the pentagram since it was the only one he could understand and surprisingly use.

He turned back toward the slab and now the Pyramid was solid. He went to grab it, and as he did, a bright light flashed and blinded him. When his eyes readjusted he was standing in front of Density, Elle and Buff on sandy ground. The entire pyramid had vanished!

“What happened to the pyramid?” Buff asked in astonishment.

“I don’t know,” Density replied with a huge grin on her face, “But we have the Good Pyramid, and that’s good enough for me.”

“Yeah, but we’re in the middle of nowhere, with no way to get home,” Logic said, and the four of them looked at each other with grim looks on their faces.

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