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Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Thai-Fly Wellness with Jason Marcotte"

Cornelius talks
Thai-Fly Style
with Jason Marcotte

Happy A.A+Wsome Wednesday A.A+W and Future Fans. Today I really want to take time to honor our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It's been a while since we focused completely on wellness. February is becoming a month of ups and downs, physically and emotionally for quite a few people. Living in big bustling cities can also take a toll on our physical and emotional state. Today I'm suggesting we all take some time out and focus on the body. To help get started I asked a good friend of mine, Jason Marcotte, to join in our wellness conversation.

Jason thanks for speaking with us this A.A+Wsome (Arts.Advocacy+Wellness) Wednesday at TheFutureForward. I'm really excited to share your work with the A.A+W and Future Forward family. In light of honoring and bringing more awareness to heart disease this month, I was recently informed of my cholestoral level being elevated. If you didn't know, an elevated cholestorol level could potentially lead to heart disease. Changing your diet is definitely a great step in tackling the many ailments we face daily, however, I want to highlight a more specific wellness option that can feed our physical, emotional, and mental wellness, and how better to that
by having you join us.

What is Thai-Fly Yoga and how does it work?
JM: Thai-Fly yoga is a series of passive yoga stretches, foot/hand holds, body pressing and cranio-sacral therapy. It works by opening energy pathways in the client through means of these stretches and holds.

Who is the founder of this movement and where did it begin?
JM: Who is the founder of this movement and where did it begin? I believe I coined the terms, but really it is a combination of 3 different art forms. 1.Traditional Thai Massage, Dating back to the days of the Buddha and his physician, Shivago Komarpaj. 2. YOGA, While ancient yoga practice began somewhere between 3300-1700 BC!! 3. Craniosacral therapy is bit more recent gaining popularity with the John Upledger and the Upledger institute.

Where is Thai-Fly Yoga practiced often?
JM: Thailand of course!!!

Now you're a massage therapist as well, so how does Thai Yoga and massage therapy intersect in your practice?
JM: I infuse the passive stretching and partner movements with healing touch based on the principles of Thai Massage and craniosacral holds. Being a massage therapist really means being able to listen, and my practice is deeply rooted in listening to each individual or group of individuals to provide the greatest opening of energy.

What do you suggest for people living with terminal illnesses?
JM: Keep regular habits and eat simple food.

I'm personally dealing with an elevated cholestorol level at the moment, what do you suggest?
JM: Increase the amount of HIGH QUALITY FIsh OIL, Exercise, and GET SOME SUNLIGHT! Cholesterol levels vary by season and reach their peak in fall and winter look into who says you have "high" levels and their reasons for doing so. a great resource is for up to date nutrition information.

And people dealing with weight issues such as obesity or aneroxia, what do you recommend?
JM: For Anorexia, I'd suggest Yogic Breathing exercises called "Pranayama" there is a whole bunch of different kinds, but its a great start to help calm and restore the nervous system. For obesity, any type of practice that moves energy daily through the body will work, and eat more greens! If its a food addiction then a juice cleanse will be of great benefit to help restore the body to a more natural balance, and help kick an addiction.

Does this work have any positive benefits in helping with mental/emotional wellness?
JM: Absolutely. This work is profound in opening up new levels of trust, both internally and externally, one of the main causes of mental/emotional health and well-being.

More specifically, have you have had any clients battling with a mental illness that have used this work? If so, tell us
the benefits they received.
JM: If so, tell us the benefits they received. One client that I had suffered from deep depression. After two months of sessions and supplemented yoga classes, he was able to come out to his parents and speak and live more honestly then ever before.

Shifting focus a little, let's get to know Jason Marcotte a little. Where are you from and how did you come to this line of work?
JM: I am originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and currently live in Ojai, California. I came to this line of work when I traveled to Maui. After my career as a college basketball player ended I knew my body had underwent some serious stress and I was drawn to the healing arts. Maui is a mecca for massage therapy and when I arrived I entered massage school and began my private practice.
    Any greats that you've studied with in this field?
    JM: Deon DeWet is my Thai-Yoga Teacher, I currently live and work with him as he develops his training's for his own school., I also trained and practiced with New York Native Paige Elenson, for partner flying yoga.

    Where do you go to relax? And what do you recommend for the perfect, or near perfect, place for rest and relaxation?
    JM: I've found many ways to relax and the best way for myself is my meditation practice, an massage practice. This type of work really immerses both the client and myself in a wonderful stream of healing/meditative energy and I receive as much benefits as they do. With that being said, I happen to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Ojai, CA, where the rivers and views are unprecedented.

    Now, you'll be in NYC soon. Please tell us the dates and where we can find you.
    JM: March 2-9th I will be in Harlem and Queens and available for outcalls as well!. ALso I'll be in Harlem teaching a partner Yoga class March 3rd and 8th. 7-9pm.
    555 W141st at Temple M

    This is a Future Favorite: Name 1 guilty pleasure.
    JM: Mint Galactica Coconut bliss ice cream! YUM!

    Any parting words or mantra's you'd like to leave?
    JM: omnamashivaya:)

    Wow Jason! This was extremely helpful for all of us here at The Future. What you shared shall be a blessing for us all. I challenge all A.A+W and Future Fans to share the information, practice wellness, and spread the wellness.
    I invite you to join Jason for a session this coming week
    March 3 -9 at Temple M (555 W. 141st ST).
    Contact Jason via email,, or the following links:

    Jason Marcotte - Be my Facebook Friend!!!

    Official Website of Jason Marcotte

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